Re-grading Student Assessments

This link re-calculates the "Grading grades" of all the student assessments which have a corresponding teacher assessment. Normally it is not necessary to action this re-calculation. Student assessments are automatically graded after the teacher has assessed the relevant piece of work from the student.

If, however, the Grading grades are felt to be too high or too low the teacher may wish to change the "Comparison of Assessments" option (by Updating the Exercise). The default value of this option is "Fair". If the grading grades are too high then setting the option to either "Strict" or "Very Strict" will reduce the grades. Or alternatively if the grades are too low, setting the option to " Lax" or "Very Lax" will increase the grades.

If a change to the Grading grades is required the steps are:

  1. Update the Workshop with the new value of the Comparison of Assessments option;
  2. Go to the Workshop's Administration page and click on the "Re-grade Student Assessments" link.
The new grades will be displayed. These process can be safely repeated.

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